Pros And Cons Of Amazon Associates

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online. It generally works by using your online presence to offer the products of someone else. A special link posted somewhere has to be used and if the consumer purchases the product then you receive a commission. Amazon Associates is such an affiliate marketing program. It has the potential of creating unique opportunities for affiliates through the Amazon website. The commissions vary depending on the product category.

Pro and cons of Amazon Associates

The following are the pro and cons of Amazon Associates:


Amazon Associates has several benefits as listed below:

Variety – Affiliates of Amazon Associates are free to make a selection from a total of 1.6 million products. More products continue to be added to the site daily.

Low minimum payout – Affiliates are permitted to request for payment so long as their commissions exceed $10. They can do this by either Amazon gift card or direct deposit. This payout threshold is much lower compared to other affiliate websites. However, to receive payments via check, $100 is the threshold.

Secure – Amazon Associates are protected in the same way as clients are. This means that it is guarantee that they will receive all their earnings.

Simplicity – The control panel of Amazon makes it extremely easy for affiliate products to be promoted as well as for earnings to be tracked.

Sign-up – It is completely free for one to begin as an Amazon Associate. Furthermore, it takes just a few minutes.

Options – Amazon Associates allows you to decide how ads are displayed i.e. interactive widgets, banner ads or contextual links. Customization is the secret of success with Amazon.

Better conversion – Amazon is a trusted website. This means that it is likely to have better conversion rates. Consumers will not worry about security when making purchases at this site.


The disadvantages of Amazon Affiliates are as follows:

PayPal payouts – Payments can only be made via Amazon gift cards, check or direct deposit. This means that there are no PayPal payments.

International payouts – There are no commissions issued for affiliates who are promoting products on but those products are purchased from or etc.

Low commissions – This is a function of the product category but those whose primary products are in categories with low commissions might be disadvantaged.

24-hour cookies – You will only receive a commission if a reader clicks a link from your website to Amazon and purchases the item within 24 hours. The cookie tracking time is significantly shorter compared to other affiliate sites. However, if the client adds an item to his cart you have a maximum of ninety days for the customer to make a purchase.

The pro and cons of Amazon Associated listed above are far from exhaustive as there are many more.


Amazon is here to stay. The Amazon Associates program might have its challenges, but affiliates are assured of an array of products to promote and reliable payouts. Furthermore, affiliates will experience higher conversions because of the high level of trust that consumers have for this website. All affiliate sites can be benefit from Amazon Associates but only if they employ the right methods and tools.

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